Lake DeSoto Home: Directions to The Desoto House at 4 Tobarra Lane : From Hwy 7 gate drive 3 miles on Desoto Blvd. to the second Sierra Drive, turn left, go 1/4 mile, turn right on Tobarra Lane, there are three houses on this circle ( Please Do NOT knock on 5 Tobarra Lane's door, too many late night awakenings!!!). Our driveway is the 1st on the left. There is a long driveway and parking for up to 10 cars at the house. Turn left down hill on driveway between two white posts marked 4 Desoto House. Boats can be launched at Lake DeSoto marina located near the west end of Lake Desoto off DeSoto Blvd. then driven and parked at our dock. Boats cannot be launched from the house. Note: Disregard Mapquest directions that use Danville Road. There is no access from Danville Road into the village as it is a gated community.